The people whose country is into excluding them they have a really long story in the history of Myanmar they…


The people whose country is into excluding them they have a really long story in the history of Myanmar they are the most persecuted minority in the world.

A group of people which is ethnic they are from Myanmar is called as rohingya people once called Burma. Most live in Rakhine State on Myanmar’s western coast.

Myanmar is a state where majority of people are-Buddhist, but it is said that the Rohingya people are primarily Muslim, and very few of them are Hindu. The ethnic minority is considered “the most persecuted minority in the world” by the United Nations.

The story of that intrusion has its roots in Britain’s colonization of Burma, and modern-day Myanmar’s also refuse to recognize those people who have existed for thousands of years.

Coming to Burma

Muslim people came and settles to Arakan State, an independent coastal kingdom in what is now Myanmar, it is starting in the 1430s, and a small Muslim population lived in Arakan State when it was conquered by the Burmese Empire in 1784. And in 1824 also burma in turn was conquered by Britain, and in 1948 Britain ruled Burma as part of British India. And that time, other Muslims from Bengal entered into Burma as saying themselves migrant workers. But as Muslims were already living in Burma from centuries and centuries, and also Britain said that in exchange they’ll help them in WWII, it never followed through, and the Burmese people feel angry about this because they think this is totally unfair what they saw as ansudden attack by foreign armies of uninvited workers.

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In 1948 Myanmar was finally free from Britain. But he government didn’t provide this for a Muslim state. Nor did it acknowledge the Rohingya—a name adopted by a group of the descendants of both Arakan State Muslims and later migrants to Burma. Myanmar people workedjust to kick out the Rohingya people, they just want to exclude them from their constitution. In 1982, Myanmar people did this and they passed a citizenship law that denied the Rohingya people citizenship, too.

No rights

Now they are non-citizens, and unlike Myanmar people Rohingya people lack basic rights and they are considered as stateless. Though 135 distinct ethnic groups were recognized by Myanmar, but the Rohingya are not one of them. Myanmar refuses to recognize them as they are a term that refers to the region’s Muslim minority.

In 1962 When Myanmar became a military state then the Rohingya people became victims of state-sponsored persecution. During an operation said as “Operation King Dragon,” Burmese military forces targeted the Rohingya people, and were broken the law of human rights abuses including rape, destruction of houses and villages, and mass arrests. And after that Rohingya people flees to nearby states one of them is Bangladesh and they were huge in numbers. Another targeted campaign for this was, “Operation Clean and Beautiful Nation,” and this helps to push away another 200,000 out of the country.

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Now, on the date of today these Rohingya people are considered as illegal immigrants by Myanmar, and also, they are not recognized under the law. They are not able to access any kind of social services or not even the education, and they are not even allowed to show their movement outside of Rakhine State it is almost restricted. Myanmar state being serious about the issue has also imposed strict regulations on birth control and marriage, only allowing Rohingya in some townships in Rakhine State to have two children that’s all and restriction ofthe marriages of some Rohingya. Also Read: 10 Haunted Places In Himachal Pradesh That You Can Explore At Your Own Risk

Resist or flee

Some of the Rohingya people try to put up violent resistance. a group of Rohingya militants attacked the Myanmar armyin 2017, sparking another wave of anti-Rohingya persecution. A huge number of Rohingya people began toflee the violence in summer 2017 and went to all nearby state as Bangladesh.

Before the 2017 crisis, an estimated 1 million Rohingya people lived in Burma. In August 2018, over 723,000 Rohingya refugees had fled to Bangladesh and nearest states. Many settled in the Kutupalong refugee, and guess what, now it is the world’s largest. This camp has stretched humanitarian aid and is particularly weak and easy to hurt physically or emotionally to monsoon rains. UNHCR, the UN refugee agency, there is an estimation that 200,000 Rohingya refugees are at risk mostly during the monsoon season, which can also create landslides and floods in the camp.

It is also said by that Myanmar is trapping those Rohingya who are left in Myanmar in a “dehumanizing apartheid regime,” and the UN has charge with an crime by the Myanmar of ethnic cleansing

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