About Us

ScoopHike.com, is run by a group of media professionals.

Why www.scoophike.com? There are a myriad of news portals, apart from newspapers and channels, covering almost any event instantaneously. Everything is comprehensively analyzed and commented upon. So why another news portal?

Our website is fundamentally different from others because it is guided by a set of principles: absolute freedom of expression, market economy, limited government, open society, and refinement.

This necessitates the espousal of unpopular causes, like those of uniform civil code, big business, multinational corporations or MNCs, patents, liberal labor laws, tough policy vis-à-vis Pakistan, strong ties with the United States and Israel, and abrogation of Article 370. So, we oppose criminal action against saffron hotheads, because we believe that there is no such thing as hate speech. At the risk of being accused of being jingoistic, we stand for the severance of all ties—diplomatic, political, economic, cultural, sports—with Pakistan. Yet, we also support the repeal of the sedition law and the so-called reasonable restrictions on free speech.

We do not claim to redefine journalism or add a new dimension to the media. We do, however, pledge to stick to our ideals and mold our website accordingly.

Scoophike.com  Team